Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Cost-Per-Click (CPC) The terms PPC and CPC are often used interchangeably.  PPC advertising is cost effective way of driving traffic to your site. The process occurs just as it sounds, each ad click accrues a small cost. The costs of this exchange are selected by you or your business, and often are bid on in accordance. To put this into perspective, say you sell Rolex Watches, and you have decided that you are willing to pay $5.00 per click at maximum. This value is only paid if the person in the bid position rank just below you is willing to $4.99. MultipleRead More →

Grouping Keywords for Ads and Organic Search The hierarchical organization of keywords into groups or themes will improve content relevance in search. This is because the systems that index and categorize internet content will be able to better read and relay the relevancy of information.  According to, grouping keywords results in “lower bid costs for keywords, a higher quality-score, better rankings in search engines, and an improved click-through rate.” An insightful way to optimize online content becomes actionable once the associable keyword lists are compiled, analyzed, and then, blocked by theme. All blocked themes and their associable data should share a controlling basis forRead More →

Hot Jobs in Digital Marketing Content marketer: Creates product or brand related content This content then generates leads Social media marketer: Promotes product or brand related posts Uses paid and unpaid channels Often achieved on social media and blog pages Search Engine Optimizer (SEO Specialist): Uses search engine optimization tactics to to help sites rank higher in results. Aim: Increase organic and paid traffic to websites Email marketer Creates email campaigns Composed of product or brand related information and content For more info – Click Here!Read More →