Google’s Keyword Planner provides comprehensive information which assists in the identification of priority keywords.

To find them, a query is entered into the planner and the system returns a list of detailed information on associable keywords. This information includes high and low Pay-Per Click (PPC) costs for the keywords, their average monthly search volume, and their competitiveness in search spaces.

In order to figure out what your query parameters should be, do some research on how people are searching for the product you offer first. This research should be aimed at identifying general terms associable of your core offerings that are also niche areas for keyword acquisition. Good places for this kind of info-dive are reddit, pintrest, quora, and any other blog or forum you think your target market is using.

Once your niches area have been identified, jump on the keyword planner and search for them. You should find markedly lower overall competitiveness and average PPC costs associated with this type of keyword research strategy, than you would by typing something simple and basic into the planner, like ‘black sneakers’ for instance.

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